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MyAdvertisingPays heeft nu (september 2015) meer dan 190.000 tevreden leden uit meer dan 230 landen. De retentiegraad is 99%. Dit is zeldzaam, maar is volkomen logisch  omdat elk lid vanaf dag 1 een gegarandeerd dagelijks winstaandeel verdient. We hebben het zelf getest en kunnen dit 100 procent bevestigen.

Opbrengsten en Inkomen

  • I am registered here for 11 days, I do my 10 clicks a day and it runs really exactly as I was told, everything on schedule. MAPs to me is just great. Thanks also to the internal department, keep it up – Dieter Knoll, Germany
  • I am 3 days into this awesome system. I upgraded early, because it made sense. The amount of business I am getting from MAPS is… Just Fantastic. A MUST Have – Dave Hayes, United Kingdom
  • It really works! I just love MAP. Started three month ago and now I got more then 800 Credit Packs. Simply loving it! So don’t hesitate, just get it done! Greetings from Switzerland – Gaby Macias, Switzerland
  • When I got in I was very skeptical, but now after 51 days of membership I’m so impressed by how this system works. I have been in many networks with moderate success, but this system of MAPs shoots through the ceiling – Thanks! – Karl Wührer, Austria
  • MyAdvertisingPays is simply AWESOME! I have never earned so much money in so may of time on the web! A serious company and PAYS its members on request … My best yet !! MyAdvertisingPays THANKS – Giancursi Olivier, France
  • Thank You Mike Deese and your staff for all the great work. You have changed my life in so many ways. I just received my first online payment and it is paying for a much need washer and dryer for this granny. Thank You all! – Linda, Canada
  • Every SINGLE Person Who Joins Gets Paid Daily. This is the best one up to now. Period. 100% – Mark Reczek, United State
  • Thank you Mike Deese for having created this fantastic program. Today its Christmas and I make sales. The traffic of MAP is really high quality, for the first in my life I make a lot of money in MAP. Thank you so much! – Riza, Germany

Toekomstperspectieven en Planning

  • Since I joined MAP about a month ago, I have been enjoying a new lease of life, waking up has been exciting as I watch my money growing in minutes. Thanks MAPs for this wonderful opportunity – Toyese Olalere, Nigeria
  • Long wanted – finally found ! This business opportunity is simple – Mario, Austria
  • Maps is the best life changing opportunity for me and my family. It has given me the freedom of being debt free. Thank you Mike Deese and thank you to my wonderful friend for introducing me to MAPS!!! – Felise Malu, American Samoa
  • MAP is a work of art. Thanks Mr Mike Deese for this great program. For years to come it will help the little man play BIG. All you need is a little start up cash mix with a little common sense and any one can make it big with MAP, there is no need for greed! – Dennis Scott, Belize
  • Thanks to Mike Deese for having created this opportunity. Indeed, anyone who is 18 years old can do this online business. In everything I’ve done so far, in my humble experience to date of 3 years in the business, I haven’t encountered such a good business until now! – Kaloyan Kolev, Bulgaria
  • I have withdrawn 100 dollars and now have 162 Credit Packs. I think I started with 500 dollars. I helped two people get into this program – James, United States
  • THANK YOU MAPS for the CTC I get. MAPS is indeed a high converting traffic exchange platform. I will definitely use MAPS more. In just 4 weeks of advertising inside, I got real visitors and converting sign-ups in my other affiliation sites. – Emmanuel Salmasan, Philippine
  • I am pleased to experience a company that promotes business in where all the tools, materials and support are provided with tutorial videos, being that it educates entrepreneurs to succeed in marketing. – Yolanda, United States
  • is doing a unique work of advertising for the people of the world to bring their business under one link and enjoy the world best marketing system in a very economical way to get more and more business. This is so simple it’s great. – Ghulam Hasnain, Educationist Columnist, Islamabad Academy, Pakistan
  • Hello everyone! I am based on the island of Réunion and I can confirm that even for a pebble, My Advertising Pays is functional! I look forward to progress in the system and to actually enjoy my turn to help others! – Angelina Lisan, Réunion

Veiligheid en Vertrouwen

  • I joined because a work colleague told me her experience and how easy it was for her to sign up. I was pleasantly surprised to find the user agreements so legitimate and well explained. The security features are very important for me. Thank you – Lida Koronewskij, Canada
  • I am more and more impressed with the service and care shown to members of Maps. Everything they say they are going to do is done without a fuss. Thank you – Jane, United Kingdom
  • Hi everyone, just wanted to give a huge thank you to My Advertising Pays for existing! MAPs is everything that I could ever have hoped for in an online business. You make money regardless and every 20 minutes. Love it. Thanks again – Josie Ngawaka, Australia
  • There are other advertising companies. But in term of transparency and security, MAPs is the most trusted profit sharing company. It’s simply a vision made for people to build their dreams. MAPs is right their number one! – Luke, Slovenia
  • MAPs is unique company, I’ve been with them since 1st of May and I’m so pleased to have all my advertisement with them, for my opportunities to advertise. And also like to thank MAPS for great support and quick withdrawal, only 3 hours since requesting withdrawal. – Ingvi Arnar Halldorsson, Iceland


Het aantal mensen die het maximum van 1.200 Credit Packs heeft bereikt en hun winstdeling opneemt, groeit met de dag. Sommigen van hen hebben video’s opgenomen waarin ze hun ervaringen delen.

  • Frank Calabro Jr, United States Klik hier
  • Leslie and Elaine Carter, United Kingdom Klik hier
  • Ian Vanderhyde, United Kingdom Klik hier
  • Claire Hartman, United Kingdom Klik hier
  • From 6 to 1200 Credit Packs (time lapse) Klik hier
  • Kimp Muzzey, New Zealand (withdrawal) Klik hier
  • Kimp Muzzey, New Zealand (1.200 Credit Packs) Klik hier

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